A breakthrough technology for combination cancer therapy

Enabling the Expanded Universe of Cancer Therapy

Immuno fluorescence imaging technology powered by nanoparticles

Single Cell Multiplex Functional Screening with Patient Derived Cells

Genomics fails to capture the complexity and heterogeneity of patient cellular response in the majority of cancer drug targets.  CytoImage’s multiplex nano particle imaging technology allows rapid and precise assessment of phenotypic functional response for each cell, each individual, and across study cohorts. The technology provides insights into drug sensitivity and resistance unobtainable with current methods.


The expanding universe of cancer targets poses daunting challenges for developers of combination precision therapy.

The CytoImage functional precision medicine platform identifies the most promising combination therapy conditions ex vivo and quantifies patient response in situ.

Preclinical Functional Drug Screening

High content multiplex functional screening for combination therapy conditions across disease types, cell types, and phosphoprotein pathways.

Clinical Functional Drug Response

Monitor single cell patient response with minimal sample requirement, fast turn around time, and nano-particle sensitivity to intracellular drug targets.

How it works

3 days from sample receipt to
cancer therapy response


CytoImage delivers the potential of combination precision medicine

More predictive than xenograft models, more sensitive than flow cytometry, more precise than bulk cell sensitivity assays, and all in less time.


Anticipate drug resistance with intracellular molecular response data.


Quantitative, single molecule sensitivity with nano particle probe technology.


Single-cell resolution captures the heterogenous complexity of cancer.


Sample preparation, image analysis, data collection and analysis in 3 days.

Proprietary Technology, Peer reviewed publications, real world evidence

Designed and Developed for Clinical Research

The CytoImage platform was developed over 7 years in a world-leading cancer research center and recently employed by biopharma  drug developers.

Proven Innovation

The platform has been developed and utilized in one of the world's leading cancer research institutions with leading biopharma and academic collaborators.

Broad Expertise

Our founders are leaders in translational medicine and biomedical engineering partnered with a highly experienced health science venture management team.

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