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Single-cell Functional Precision Medicine

You want to identify potent drug combinations with the potential to demonstrate durable response, but due to lack of patient derived preclinical screening methods, potency is often muted by resistance mechanisms in clinical trials. Anticipating resistance requires better drug treatment assessment; you need to know the true phenotypic response profile for your target indication.

The solution is single-cell functional precision medicine, a technique that rapidly captures treatment response by imaging critical cell subpopulations and phosphoprotein targets in patient derived tumor samples.

Our Platform

Functional Response Across Each Cell, Each Patient, and Each Cohort

CytoScreen is miniaturized single cell imaging approach for evaluating ex vivo combination drug responses in primary patient cells which uses minimal sample requirement, enabling screening of up to 50 drug conditions with less than one million primary cells.

The technology employs the capability to perform digitized molecular counting to quantify surface and intracellular protein targets with precision and exquisite sensitivity.  The platform and data analysis software enables new capabilities to assess the functional/pathway status of immune and tumor cell subpopulations and profile the combination therapy effect on multiple protein targets.

Publications and Patents

Real World Clinical Research

Developed and employed at OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, CytoScreen is validated by global experts in field of single cell imaging and oncology translational medicine and supported by prestigious private and government funding organizations. 

Patented Technology

CytoImage maintains an exclusive patent license agreement with Oregon Health and Science University enabling intellectual property associate with nanoparticle imaging technology and systems for quantifying cancer cell signaling proteins.

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